Georgia Wright(non-registered)
Hi Jan, I came home from the wedding and looked up your website. I loved every single image. You are so talented. Can't wait to see the wedding pictures
jeannie o'brien(non-registered)
Jan, love your many photos and this website is wonderful. You are an isspiration to me.
Cheers to you! Jeannie O
Debi W Thomas(non-registered)
All I can say is WOW. It's such a delight to happen upon the opportunity of being offered to share in a unique moment in time and in thoughtful image. Looking at these makes time stand still for me.
Thank you.
Charlie Garcia(non-registered)
Your images are inspiring Jan. Thank you for sharing with us your work and your passion for helping others achieve our goals to becoming better photographers. Keep up the great work.
Jim Martin(non-registered)
Excellent photography, I enjoyed every image. Compositions are excellent and you have achieved your aims in making the photos simple yet powerful, with a story in each one.
Your in-laws are neighbors to my sister, Betsy Blackwell. I also am a long time photographer.
Thanks for sharing for all to view.
Nancy Rossi(non-registered)
Amazing photos of China. I was in most of the places you photographed and
it has certainly changed since l987. Excellent work.
Suzanne G. Conner(non-registered)
Beautiful photos...I always learn by your example, thanks Jan.
Michele McCormick(non-registered)
Love your beautiful work, Jan! You are an inspiration . . . .
Jim Parks(non-registered)
Africa images are awesome, Jan.
Philip Copenhaver(non-registered)
Loved your website Jan, but loved the work even more.
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