Jan Lightfoot Photography | About

I remember distinctly when my love of photography became an enduring passion. I was in the fourth grade with my Brownie camera during a field trip to a California Mission. Capturing those pictures on film, taking it to the drugstore and two weeks later, picking up twelve blurry black and white photos with ragged edges was thrilling. Retired after 18 years of self-employment, photography continues to fascinate me. Photography is what drives me to seek adventures near and far.


Although never formally trained, I have always been involved with photography in one form or another. Transitioning from my own darkroom in high school, I joined the Idaho Statesman newspaper photography staff, and also worked in custom color printing labs both in Idaho and California. Later on I became a Certified Photographic Counselor through PMA and manager of Wentling’s Camera in Walnut Creek, CA while raising my two daughters. During this time, I also taught photography classes and conducted field trips. In 2012, I had my first solo gallery showing at Viewpoint Photographic Gallery in Sacramento, CA and have received numerous awards through competitions and juried shows.


My images tend to reflect a long association with classic and traditional compositions, having adopted a “less is more” vision. I try to incorporate this philosophy in everything I shoot. Searching for the essence of the subject, that nuance, or gesture that is not always obvious, is what I strive to capture; and in doing so, to create that connection with the viewer that touches them on an emotional level.